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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's Just Good Business by Jeff Klein - Book review

It's Just Good Business

The Emergence of Conscious Capitalism and the Practice of Working for Good

By: Jeff Klein

Published: 2012
Format: Paperback, 109 pages
ISBN-10: 0986022802
ISBN-13: 978-0986022807
Publisher: Working for Good Publications

"This book explores and celebrates an emerging social and cultural development called Conscious Capitalism", writes entrepreneur and CEO of Working For Good, Jeff Klein, in his enlightening and awareness developing book It's Just Good Business: The Emergence of Conscious Capitalism and the Practice of Working for Good. The author describes the principles of Conscious Capitalism, and how those values are embodied in the practice of Working for Good, to enhance personal and collective journeys in life and business.

Jeff Klein understands the importance of developing opportunities for elevating and enriching human life through business and work. The author provides the underlying context for the reasoning and the very human response to the principles inherent within Conscious Capitalism. Jeff Klein offers an alternative approach to business and work, that is both human and societal in focus, that transcends the outdated and counterproductive business strategies of the past.

That old capitalist approach is no longer viable within today's global economy, finite resources, and our collective well being as humans. At the same time, the old method of doing business is no longer profitable and requires subsidies and bailouts to survive. In its place, Jeff Klein shares an alternative approach to business that not only addresses those human, societal, environmental and planetary concerns, but is also good business.

Jeff Klein (photo left) recognizes that business leaders are now realizing that our human activities and business practices have an impact on people, communities and the environment. This is doubly important in that the very existence of the business itself depends upon those people and communities to sustain it over time. The author writes that the inclusion of so many corporate CEOs, acting upon the principles and building and a culture based on Conscious Capitalism, points to the growing understanding of those crucial values.

Jeff Klein presents both the vision and the practice of Conscious Capitalism,and demonstrates how those principles have guided many successful organizations. The author shows how Conscious Capitalism has roots in early capitalism, and has always had adherents within the corporate community. Today, the principles are becoming mainstream within the corporate world, as they become an integral part of societal values. When applied to business, Conscious Capitalism is composed of four guiding practices:

* Higher purpose
* Stakeholder orientation
* Conscious leadership
* Conscious culture

For me, the power of the book is how Jeff Klein combines a theoretical framework for understanding Conscious Capitalism, with the practical steps and practices for implementing its principles into the organizational culture. The author presents Conscious Capitalism as a viable and profitable alternative business model to the outmoded business model that has proven a failure in recent years. In place of the system that requires subsidies and bailouts, and relies on exploitation of the environment and of employees, Conscious Capitalism offers a business model that is sustainable and honors both the environment and the people affected by the business.

To demonstrate the principles in action, Jeff Klein presents a series of real world organizations who have implemented Conscious Capitalism effectively. Indeed, thanks to the vision of the leaders, and the commitment of the employees in the empowering company cultures, these businesses are both profitable and leaders in their various industries. Jeff Klein makes clear that Conscious Capitalism is indeed good and profitable business that operates based on the principles of values people, the community, and the environment.

I highly recommend the wonderful and engaging book It's Just Good Business: The Emergence of Conscious Capitalism and the Practice of Working for Good by Jeff Klein, to any business leaders, community activists, nonprofit organization executive s and volunteers, and to anyone seeking a viable alternative to the outdated and no longer effective corporate model. This book makes clear that caring about people, society, and the environment are not only the right thing to do, but they are profitable as well.


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