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Sunday, July 07, 2013


The Entrepreneur's Trap by Tina Forsyth - Book review

The Entrepreneur's Trap

How to Stop Working Too Much, Take Back Your Time and Enjoy Life

By: Tina Forsyth

Published: October 17, 2012
Format: Paperback, 182 pages
ISBN-10: 1934509620
ISBN-13: 978-1934509623
Publisher: Love Your Life Publishing

"The Entrepreneur's Trap is when the time, money, and effort that you are putting into your business is not worth the return you are getting", writes entrepreneur, coach, and creator of automated systems, Tina Forsyth, in her very hands on and results oriented book The Entrepreneur's Trap: How to Stop Working Too Much, Take Back Your Time and Enjoy Life. The author describes why so many entrepreneurs, despite their dreams and hard work, find their business venture to be more of a pit of frustration than a source if happiness and fulfillment.

Tina Forsyth understands that many would be entrepreneurs set themselves up for failure from placing too high expectations, either on themselves, or on a false promise of easy riches. The author points out that for many people, simply having no idea about how to run a business dooms the venture from the start. Tina Forsyth guides entrepreneurs toward making the right choices for themselves, their families, and for the company itself. The author shares how to deine success in your own terms and not those of others, how to decide on the time and monetary investment, and how to put an effective system and team in place to run the business. Tina Forsyth provides the techniques to find clarity of vision and the tools to make that vision a reality.

Tina Forsyth (photo left) recognizes that how a business is operated will determine whether it is a success or a failure. The author presents evidence that the two major categories for business operations are reactive ode and proactive mode. In reactive mode, the entrepreneur lacks any sort of cohesive plan and simply responds in an ad hoc manner to events as they occur. In proactive mode, a plan is created that establishes preparatory steps for possibilities that may take place that affect the business. The author provides her three steps ahead plan to ensure that the entrepreneur chooses the proactive approach to business management.

Tina Forsyth shares ideas for both taking charge of your time and your business so the company doesn't take control of your life. The author covers the the areas of personal commitment annd development as an entrepreneur, the principle of establishing effective systems, and shares how to establish and manage an effective team. The areas of personal and entrepreneurial management examined in the book include the following:

* Beware the trap
* The automate your growth formula
* What kind of business do you really want
* Taking back your time: No more working weekends
* You teach people how to treat you: Setting boundaries
* The freedom mindset: Getting out of your own way
* Systems: Building the automation habit
* Top ten business systems
* Your automated marketing map
* Your team
* The THRIVE Hiring Systemâ„¢
* Your new definition of success

For me, the power of the book is how Tina Forsyth combines a complete examination of what is required on the part of the entrepreneur, with the strategies and tools to establish a successful and automated business. The author demonstrates how to avoid the pitfalls that entrap the unwary through establishing from the very beginning the right type of business that suits the entrepreneur's own professional and personal goals. Tina Forsyth shares how to create an automated systems based company through her top ten business systems.

The author also offers proven advice for building a strong team, and for managing them successfully. Throughout the book the real world business advice, of well known entrepreneurs and business leaders, is presented to illustrate the principles in action. Each chapter contains additional questions that challenge the entrepreneur to consider goals and activities through rigorous self examination. The author also offers additional bonuses and website entry for more information and ideas for current and would be entrepreneurs.

I highly recommend the clear and concise book The Entrepreneur's Trap: How to Stop Working Too Much, Take Back Your Time and Enjoy Life by Tina Forsyth, to any current or prospective entrepreneurs seeking a no nonsense and practical guide to building a successful company without sacrificing excessive time and resources. This book offers an engaging and systems based blueprint for successful business start up ventures.


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